Business Services

Business continuity

One of the things that all businesses should plan for is business continuity. What I mean by this is to have procedures in place to deal with events that may bring the business to a halt. These things may include accidental deletion or overwrite of critical business files, hardware failure, software corruption, theft or natural disaster. There are different ways to handle the different items, ranging from backup & recovery methods to off-site storage.


Your IT equipment can be vital to your business. Be sure that you're doing what you can to protect it. I can help you check to see who has access to different files on your system to ensure that it's set the way you want it to. You may want to consider applying encryption to sensitive company equipment.

Virus and Malware removal

Viruses, spyware and other forms of malware can disrupt normal computing operations resulting in loss of productivity and possible theft of confidential information. I can remove viruses and other forms of malware generally without losing important data.


I have experience with setting up and maintaining networks ranging from a few machines on a network switch to networks involving routers and site-to-site VPN (Virtual Private Networking). If you have interest in setting up or expanding your network, or if you're having issues with your current network, feel free to give me a call.

Cloud computing

Cloud computing is a new paradigm where the applications and files that you use are stored and run on a secured remote server. Instead of investing thousands of dollars in software and hardware to run the applications you need, the service provider usually charges a monthly or annual fee that can be less expensive for smaller businesses. Depending on the services selected, cloud computing can allow for employees at the same site or at different sites to easily collaborate with each other. Feel free to contact me to see if cloud computing may be beneficial for your business.